Peacock Masquerade Mask with Feathers

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With the Peacock Masquerade Mask you can display your beauty, flashing your feather and dazzling those around you. This gorgeous mask features vibrant colors, and an elegant design, including feather, flitter, and faux jewels. This main background of the mask is a nice teal shade, and the border trim is covered by gold styled ribbon. A small piece of fake leather cut into a triangle is attached to the nose of the mask, creating a small beak with a plant painted stripe and two gold buttons.  Extending from the top middle of the mask is a small blue sequined plume with five tall sticks with blue jewels attached to the ends. At the far ends where the mask meets the wearer’s ears there are fastened peacock feathers with a blue stone attached over top. Extending out from the peacock feather is a longer dark blue feather. Lines of shimmery gold glitter, and black ribbon trim, complete the design, creating curved symmetrical shapes. To wear this mask there are two retractable arms which fit over top of the ears much like a pair of regular glasses. Wear this Peacock Masquerade Mask out on New Year’s Eve to start the new you in luxury and style!

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