Old West Cowboy and Duster Coat Costume

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  • Old West Cowboy and Duster Coat Costume
  • Old West Cowboy and Duster Coat Costume


Men’s Old West Cowboy and Duster Coat Costume includes:

  • Coat
  • Vest
  • Hat
  • Bandana


When you’re out on the range, with no one to talk to but your horse, you do a lot of dreaming.  You think about the stars and the day’s drive and the land.  You think of the day you’ll have your own herd and your own ranch.  You dream of making the country a great country, a place where people will want to settle and live in peace.  But there’s always a lot of men who think about stealin’ and killin’.  So you gotta be ready.

For those long days and nights, you’ll want protection against the elements.  Brown in color, this long canvas-like duster coat will protect your clothing from trail dust.  Embellished with yellow trim along the cowl and pocket lapels, the coat also features bronze buttons on the front and on each pocket.  A vest with matching buttons, striped crimson, brown and yellow, ties in the back and offers style to the ensemble.  An ornate maroon hatband dresses up the hat, one that’s made for a rough and ready cowboy.  A classic red bandanna, with paisley pattern that was emblematic of the Old West, finishes the costume.

Before you ride into a sunset or get gunned down in the street, mosey on around to a costume party or two, or perhaps a western re-enactment.  Visit the Calgary Stampede and whoop it up.  Gather ‘round a few friends and visit a saloon.  Add a rifle, a pistol or a lariat if you want a bit more authenticity.  The life of a cowboy is a wild one.

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