Oktoberfest Olga Dress/Dirndl Costume

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The Sexy Ladies Oktoberfest Olga Costume includes:

-Blue checkered dress

-Frilly apron

-Lace up attached bustier

This blue checkered Oktoberfest Olga costume is super sexy. It comes in small, medium, and large and fits true to size. The small is about a size 2-4. Lacy white silk accentuates the blue plaid dress and snugly wraps around your bosom. The short skirt pairs perfectly with white knee socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

The blue Oktoberfest Olga dress is a lightweight but stiff material that holds its shape well. The skirt is finished with some lace and is very short, about mid-thigh length. The white undershirt is attached for ease and is a silky material with frilly accents around the neck and short sleeves. The sleeves have an elastic in them to hold them in place around your upper arms.

The chest is stretchy and fitted to hold your girls in place and keep them looking perky. Beneath this, the dress ties closed like a bustier and can be left loose or cinched quite snugly for best effect. There is a zipper along the back of the dress so you can step in easily and don’t have to adjust the bustier between parties.

The apron is the same silky material as the shirt and has a long wide strip for tying into a nice bow in the back. The front edge is lacy and accentuates the shirt nicely.

This costume is best for Oktoberfest of course, but also works great for themed parties, Halloween, or a themed night out with the ladies. Accessories for this costume include but certainly aren’t limited to knee or thigh high white socks, black boots or shoes, hair ribbons, pigtails, pink blushy makeup, gloves, and beer of course.