Noble Crusader Knight Costume

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Mens Noble Crusader Knight Costume includes:

  • Tunic with attached sleeves
  • Gloves
  • Chainmail hooded cowl
  • Sculpted headpiece
  • Vinyl shoulder guards
  • Vinyl belt

**Please note: Pants, sword and boot tops not included** 

The Noble Crusader Knight will scourer the land and protect the pilgrims on their journey and defend the people.  

The Noble Crusader Knight costume comes with a basic white tunic. It has a large red cross printed onto the front. It has attached sleeves made to look like chainmail that have an elastic band at the wrist to keep your chainmail in place in case of fight. There is a chainmail hooded cowl that sits over the head with face opening and drapes on the shoulder. The vinyl sculpted headpiece is a silver, distressed crown that features Medieval designs. There is a nasal guard and the headpiece velcros at the back where the two over-head and around pieces cross. The vinyl shoulder guards are a Medieval style that velcro to the tunic. The distressed belt has a silver buckle to place around the waist. The fingerless gloves are made from the same material as the belt. 

Grab your sword and head out into the field with this excellent Noble Crusader Knight costume. Perfect for Halloween, Templar Knight,  a group themed or heading out to the Renaissance Faire.