Napoleon French Emperor Military Costume

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  • Napoleon French Emperor Men's Costume
  • Napoleon French Emperor Men's Costume
  • Napoleon French Emperor Military Costume


Napoleon French Emperor Men's Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Vest
  • Pants
  • Epaulettes
  • Sash
  • Hat
  • Boot covers
  • Two medals

*Note: Blade sold separately.

Lead several campaigns during the French Revolution as one of the most celebrated and controversial political figures in history, Napoleon Bonaparte.

The jacket in the Napoleon French Emperor Men's Costume is a wonderfully crafted garment. The soft fabric from which it's made is lightweight and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. The overall jacket is a navy blue with tails and a white front. Red accents trim the collar, in the form of stitching, the sleeve cuffs and the inside panels of the jacket's tails. Down each side of the front of the jacket are several decorative, brass buttons. Each tail in the rear also has a pair of these brass buttons to pin the inside of the tails to the back, exposing some of the red paneling from inside. Soft foam pieces can be found in the shoulders as padding to give the jacket a square look. Velcro strips can also be seen on the outside and top of the shoulders, this is where the gold, metallic fabric epaulettes are attached. Each epaulette also has gold fringe hanging down from the sides.

The vest found in the Napoleon French Emperor Men's Costume is a straightforward pullover-style. The light mocha coloured vest includes five white buttons down the closed centre of the vest. The matching pants are similar in colour and have an elastic waist to help with the ease of getting them on and off. The legs of the pants don't extend fully to the ankle. This is because there are black, faux leather boot covers that come with this costume. Simply slide them over your feet and up your leg to the knee area. Black elastic strips tuck under your shoes to help the boot covers stay on. A red sash drapes over one shoulder and sits over the vest but underneath the jacket. This deep but vibrant red sash has some thickness to it and should be pretty durable. Napoleon's hat is also included with this costume. The traditional bicorne is recreated with this soft, foam hat. The colours of the bicorne are brown with some detailing to resemble a faux leather worn look. Lastly, the two medals. One is a silver medallion with an eagle and the French words "Honneur et Patrie." The other medal is attached to a red ribbon and contains the words "Republique Francaise" on the front. Each medal is made of a heavy foam and affixes to the jacket via safety pin. 

Have a great time this Halloween in the Napoleon French Emperor Men's Costume!

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