Children's Miss Robin Hood Costume

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Miss Robin Hood Girls Costume includes:

  • One-piece dress with attached hood and vest
  • Shoulder harness
  • Gauntlets
  • Belt with pouch
  • Clip-on safety light

*Note: Bow and arrows, footwear sold separately.

This costume puts a fun, new twist on a classic tale!

The soft, one-piece dress is a forest green colour. How fitting? Attached to the forest green of the sleeves is a light mocha coloured sleeve as well. On it, rivet-like buttons adorn the ends of the tattered-looking forest green sleeves and give it a late-medieval look to it. This trend is continued down towards the bottom of the Miss Robin Hood Girls Costume. Light mocha brown is seen at the bottom of the dress while the forest green top-skirt is tattered and torn. Brass rivet-like buttons are also seen here on different pieces of the green. Inside the dress, as well as the back of the dress, you'll see a dark brown lining. The hood on the Miss Robin Hood Girls Costume comes up over the head and ties around the neck. The ties are attached to the top of the dress and also has a bit of an open neckline. Attached to this "merry" dress is a vest. Soft felt-like fabric makes up this piece along with black trim. The light brown colour is mixed with darker areas to resemble a worn leather look. Two, faux leather straps with brass buckles stretch across each side of the vest and give the illusion they are functioning to keep the vest together. The brown, faux leather shoulder harness simply straps over the arms and shoulders and has two strips of Velcro in the back to help get it on and get it off. Small, brass grommets decorate the straps of this shoulder harness. Also included with the Miss Robin Hood Girls Costume is a black, faux leather belt with functional brass buckle and a brown, faux leather pouch. This belt goes around the waist and the pouch is functional as well. There is a flap that closes via Velcro and you simply fold the flap over the belt to secure it. Matching the pouch are the brown, faux-leather gauntlets. Slide these over the hands and up the forearm. Your child's thumb will come through and their fingers will be exposed - giving adequate control over their archery skills.

Worried about your child getting lost while they're on the hunt for candy? No problem. This costume includes a clip-on safety light! This costume works well for any Halloween party or event. Got a school play coming up? This is a great choice to flip the roles around!