Mehron Rigid Collodion Scar Application - 4ml

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With Halloween right around the corner now if the time to start honing your special effects skills to ensure you have a breathtaking and realistic make up! The Rigid Collodion product by Mehron Makeup is a popular product which consists of a clear liquid with a brush applicator. This clear liquid dries and puckers the skin where applied, creating the appearance of a scar. Depending on how many coats of the makeup used the effects can range from a slight scar to a deep mark. To remove this product all the wearer has to do is peel it off the skin! Any remaining residue can be removed using soap and water, or spirit gum remover. With the Rigid Collodion Scar Application you can let your imagination go wild, creating intricate details to you makeup making you an up and coming special effects guru.