Max Dr. Suess Headband

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The only problem with dastardly plots to ruin Christmas is that there are so many ways they can go awry. Firstly, you've got to make sure the news doesn't get out about your plan. Because if news does get out about your plan, some little goody-two-shoes is sure to try and stop you and "save Christmas" or some such nonsense. Secondly, trying to ruin everyone's Christmas is a lot of work. You miss one step and the whole thing falls to pieces.

Take the Grinch, for example. His holiday heist was almost completely ruined when he realized he didn't have any reindeer to help with his Santa facade. That's why he had to enlist the help of his trusty dog Max. With a little bit of ingenuity, Max became the reindeer he needed and the Grinch was able to continue with his plan on schedule.

In honor of this creativity, we now offer The Grinch Max Headband. This red plastic headband has an adjustable elastic chin strap. On top of the headband, there's a stuffed yellow antler with a bow. This way your Christmas-dashing plans will never be short a reindeer (or reindeer stand-in) at least. May your Christmas be filled with calamity and chaos!