Make a Hero Mask Latex Appliance

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Make A Hero Mask includes:

  • Latex mask appliance
  • Three stencils
  • Spirit gum (2 ml)

*Please note: actual colours of masks may differ than colour in images.

With the Make A Hero Mask, you can create any look you want to help hide your identity.

Starting with a simple template, this latex mask comes in many different colours and can be customized to your liking. Take one of the included three stencils and trace onto the latex mask. Once done, cut the latex appliance with scissors following the lines from the stencil. Use the included spirit gum to tack down anywhere the mask will touch skin - avoiding the eye areas. Once set, you'll be ready to fight crime with your identity securely hidden thanks to the Make A Hero Mask! Unlike traditional masks, there is no elastic or tie to wrap around your head, making it ideal for anyone who wants a superhero hairdo!

An excellent addition to your superhero Halloween costume and the perfect substitution if you want your mask a bit more flexible.