Licensed Iron Man - Avengers Infinity War Costume

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The Men’s Avengers: Infinity War Licensed Iron Man Costume includes:

  • Padded jumpsuit with shoe covers
  • Mask


With your newest powered armor suit, you’re ready to take on Thanos, even if means journeying to the devastated planet of Titan. The costume is an official replicate of Tony Stark’s suit, entirely contained in a detachable housing unit of nanoparticles which deploy over Iron Man’s body with a simple push.

The padded jumpsuit is made of soft cloth and foam to reproduce Tony Stark’s glossy ribbed power suit. The design is complete with shaded crimson metal-like shadowing, accessorized by gold and grey metal patterns. The shoulders are padded to convey extra power. Shoe-covers are built into the costume to conceal the wearer’s footwear.  The matching gold-and-red mask, with padded face pieces for comfortable wear, fits with an elasticized band.

Fun for cosplay and for any costume event, especially for Halloween. Suit up for a themed birthday party or superhero-themed get-together … or you could organize one for your friends.