Large Bushy Eyebrows and Moustache Set | Facial Hair | Makeup

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Unleash your inner brow-wow with our Large Bushy Eyebrows and Moustache Set! This facial foliage isn't just an accessory; it's a statement that says, "I mustache you to admire my bold brows!" Transform your look in seconds, no need for a salon visit or a razor in sight. These brows and 'stache combo are so bushy, they make the Amazon rainforest jealous. Whether you're aiming for a comical disguise or just want to raise a few hairy eyebrows at the party, this set is the mane attraction. So, skip the tweezers, ditch the razor, and let your facial flair do the talking – because when it comes to brows, bigger is always better!

  • Both self- adhesive. 
  • Can be cut to fit.