Killer Clown Teen

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The Killer Clown Teen Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit

  • Collar

  • Mask

As a sinister reflection of what you once were, in the Killer Clown Teen Costume you'll haunt the streets in search of your next victim. This seriously creepy costume includes a full body jumpsuit, a black frilled collar, and a face mask. The jumpsuit has a different pattern for the right and left side, the right being white with black polka dots, and the left as black and white vertical stripes. The mask has molded details adding face line to the white pale skin, while black face paint creates stars over the eyes, black blush, a black clown nose, and long upturned black lips. On the forehead of the mask a deep red gash has been simulated with additional scratches underneath. A small clown hat with scraggly long wisps of black hair is attached to the mask adding to the overall appearance. The Killer Clown Teen Costume is perfect for anyone looking to embrace the true horror of Halloween and bring true fear to anywhere they go. Perfect for dress up parties, trick or treating, or even for haunted houses!

NOTE: Does not include prop knife or clown shoes.