John Bull 40s Style Hat

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It’s Just A Hat, Right?
You may be thinking to yourself, “What could I ever do with a Brown John Bull Top hat?” Well, let us tell you. You can add it to your Old West or Roaring Twenties themed costume. Make it an addition to your Steampunk cosplay outfit. Take a fashion risk and make it a part of your everyday apparel. (It’ll be a hit, trust us.) Those are just a few options off the tips of our fingers. We know that you can come up with even more ways to utilize this amazing accessory.

Product Details
The John Bull top hat you will get from us is a molded felt headpiece. It is 100 percent polyester. There is a grosgrain ribbon around the hat with a bow tied on the right-hand side. Feel free to add anything else to the hat; playing cards, feathers, gears. Whatever you need, this hat will be there as a strong base to build upon.

Maybe It’s John Bull
Go out in style this Halloween or every day of the week when you add one of these amazing John Bull Top Hat to your apparel. When you go out with this hat, you’ll feel good. Why? Well, that’s because you look good.