Jasmine Princess Disney Halloween Costume

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Princess Jasmine costume includes:

  • Midriff-bearing top
  • Harem pants
  • Jasmine Princess crown

Go on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin in your princess Jasmine costume.

This pretty Jasmine costume features a short top with teal satin like material on the bodice, sheer, shiny blue material on the arms, gold satin trim on the top with a purple and gold trim, and gold detailing on the bottom with tiny gold chains that tinkle as you walk. The costume pants are harem style, and made from the same teal satin like material. There is a attached belt with purple & gold detailing at the top, with sheer blue overlay trimmed with gold that hangs down the sides of the pants. A purple jewel is at the top middle. The Jasmine crown is made from the same teal satin but is slightly stiffer, with gold stenciling and trim, and a matching purple jewel (to the belt).

Princess Jasmine is perfect for a kid's party, Halloween, and much more.