Jane Ice Violet | Heat Styleable Anime Wig | Arda Wigs

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Jane is a short style with side-swept bangs and very defined, short ringlets. This wig measures 11" (30 cm) at the longest curl, 13" (33 cm) uncurled and the bangs measure 4.5" (12 cm) long. Perfect for that adorable Regency-era dress or dispatching the undead!

Please bear in mind the nature of this curl. When the cap is stretched, you may see small gaps in the wefting. This is due to how the fibers come together to make each ringlet.

  • 23" cap before stretch
  • 1.5" round skin top
  • Pre-styled ringlets
  • Not suitable for heavy styling
  • Heat-resistant up to 420°
  • 300-325° recommended
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