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*NATURAL Contacts are much less Pigmented than COSTUME Contacts.  Natural contacts are designed to ENHANCE your natural eye colour, and NOT cover it completely like the Costume Contacts.  Do not purchase these lenses if you're looking for full coverage*

By purchasing these lenses, you are acknowledge the following.

Like other contact lenses, cosmetic contacts can cause a variety of eye injuries and conditions if not used correctly, and are intended to be worn only with the assistance of a qualified eye care professional and professional eye care supervision.

Some of the risks include:

  • Infection
  • Redness
  • Corneal ulcer

These risks can controlled if:

  • The wearer obtains contact lens wearing advice from an eye care professional.
  • The lenses are evaluated by an eye care professional.
  • The wearer remains under appropriate professional supervision

To summarize, cosmetic contact lenses are like other contact lenses, but are intended solely to change the normal appearance of the eye in a decorative/cosmetic fashion, however, still hold the same risk values as regular contact lenses.

Please note: We cannot ship cosmetic contact lenses outside of Canada.

CELESTIAL JADE circle lenses feature a delicate mosaic of captivating light green shades throughout the iris that extend to a subtly darker outer ring. It adds a high change on dark brown eyes. On light natural eyes, the contrast between the light green of the iris and the dark green of the outer limbal ring is highlighted. On dark natural eyes, the CELESTIAL JADE beauty lenses lighten up your gaze considerably. The result is a compelling bright green look.

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