Inflatable Ride-on Bull Rider/Rodeo Cowboy Costume

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The Mens' Inflatable Bull Rider Costume includes:

  • Inflatable jumpsuit
  • Battery Operated Fan

Yeeee-HAW! Get along little doggy ... you'll never get bucked off this steer – it's you! Impress others as you stay on this beast far longer than 8 seconds. In fact, you'll be on it all night.

This clever inflatable costume includes a powered fan that will inflate the costume in a few seconds, with easy to read instructions to explain how it's done. The garment is made of strong nylon fabric. The wearer's feet into the bull's front feet, while a false pair of legs give the impression of the bronc-buster – you again! - riding a wild bull. Feel free to dance about to improve the effect.

A fun costume for any costume event, or as spontaneous party humour. You'll get lots of attention at next year's Stampede Breakfast of choice. Just beware of anyone dressed as a rodeo clown ...