Harry Potter Licensed Deluxe Sorting Hat

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The moment has come. You're standing in Hogwarts' great hall, anxiously waiting to hear what house you'll be assigned for your entire schooling at Hogwarts. If only you get a cool one! That rules out Hufflepuff....except those students are some of the nicest and most loyal of all. That would be nice. But not Ravenclaw....oh wait, they're really smart. But definitely not Slytherin...although they can be kind of funny and awesome if they're on your side. And everyone knows Gryffindor is amazing! Any of them are good, actually, and the Sorting Hat always knows best! 

Items Included
  • Hat
Product Highlights
  • 100% polyester faux suede & satin fabrics; 100% polyurethane foam
  • Layer of foam between faux suede outer shell & satin crown lining
  • Hat has hook & loop fastener size-adjustment band in lining
  • Hat lining has hidden pocket for cash or ID
  • Hat has memory wire in brim edge
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