Gunslinger Cowboy Costume

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Also available for in store pickup or curbside service during business hours

The Gunslinger Cowboy Costume includes:

  • Western Duster

  • Double-breasted vest

  • Dickey with attached cravat

  • Hat

  • Holsters

Be ready to draw when the clock strikes high Noon, dressed in this Western costume suitable for any man who's made a living drawing a gun. You'll cut a fearsome image as you make your stand and let the bullets fly where they may.

Essential to the mystique of the gunslinger is the black duster coat, the color of death. The coat closes with one button. The pinstripe vest features 8 buttons, a rich garment that suggests you've got it and you flaunt it. Likewise the shirt front and tie is embellished with white satiny cloth. Two soft cloth holsters come without guns, or gunslinger's belt, which may be purchased separately. The wide-brimmed black hat is tough-looking and has seen some hard times, just as you have.

You'll be living day-to-day until you're ready to go against another gunfighter on Halloween. There's always the unexpected party who wants you to show up for a period-costume event, and you'll need to be ready for that too. Keep your fingers nimble and practice scowling, so you'll be ready when it comes.