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Transform your little one into a bundle of boo-tiful fun with our Friendly Ghost Costume, the ultimate children's costume that's the key to hauntingly adorable adventures! This costume is not just an outfit; it's a ticket to a spectral playtime filled with giggles and spooktacular memories. Crafted with a ghostly charm and a touch of whimsy, the Friendly Ghost Costume ensures your little boo will be the star of Halloween or any costume event. So, drape your mini apparition in this ghoulishly delightful ensemble, let their imagination soar through the spooky night, and watch as they become the friendliest ghost in town – because when it comes to costumes, our Friendly Ghost Costume is a spirited choice for little ones ready to play the role of the cutest specter in the neighborhood!

This Costume Includes:

  • Ghost Tunic with Mesh Eyes