Friday the 13th Jason Deluxe Collectors Latex Mask with Hockey Mask

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Time to terrorize some campers?! It's the Deluxe Collectors Latex Mask of Jason Voorhees, complete with removable hockey mask! Very frightening, and a little grotesque!

The Jason mask is a full latex mask that covers your entire head. Grey and gross, he has some sparse synthetic hair hanging off his head to add extra creep factor. The face is moulded to look like the infamous killers face. The eye holes are actually at the corners of the eyes on the mask. Jason's hockey mask is plastic, and painted to look like the mask in the movies. It's held on with thick black elastic straps. 

This awesome latex Jason mask is a fantastic addition to the Jason costume. Wear it for Halloween, display it at home, or put it on while camping to scare everyone!!