Fire Captain Costume

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Fire Captain costume includes:

  • Pants
  • T-Shirt
  • Suspenders

This is a casual Fireman costume. No fighting fires in this outfit. But it’s a great uniform.

The Fireman pants are black with a yellow stripe down the sides and around the pant cuffs. Inside the yellow stripe is a grey reflector stripe. The pants do up with a zipper and two buttons. The suspenders attach to button on the pants and are a red weave strap. It has black velour at the ends with button holes. The suspenders are adjustable. The shirt is navy blue and stretchy. There is a patch on the left side that says “fire dept.”

This Captain Fireman costume is great for Halloween or if you a’re just looking for a uniform costume. If you’'re going for the full fireman look, add a jacket and helmet to this costume.