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Unleash mischievous mayhem with our Evil Stripe Gremlin Puppet, the ultimate collectable puppet from Trick or Treat Studios that's the key to unlocking a gremlin-infested spectacle! This puppet is not just a creature feature; it's a stripe-tastic creation, meticulously crafted to bring the infamous Gremlin from the dark corners of the big screen into your hands. With its devilish grin and a nod to movie magic, our Evil Stripe Gremlin Puppet ensures you'll be the star of any puppetry performance, horror-themed gathering, or movie night. So, manipulate this puppet, embrace the wicked vibes, and watch as you become the puppeteer extraordinaire of the event.

  • Officially Licensed 
  • Height: 28", Width: 24", Depth: 10"
  • Sculpted by Russ Lukich