Elf Costume Unisex | Christmas and Seasonal | Gender Neutral Costumes

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  • Elf Costume Set
  • Elf Costume Unisex | Christmas and Seasonal | Gender Neutral Costumes


This unisex costume will fit males up to 6ft., 200lbs or females up to size 14.

Elf adult costume includes:

  • Red/Green Tunic
  • Gold Cord Belt
  • Collar with Gold Bells
  • Elf Hat with Bells
  • Elf Shoes with Bells

This Elf Costume will have you spreading holiday cheer all around this Christmas season.

The Elf Costume includes everything you need to turn yourself into one of Santa’s little helpers this Christmas. The Elf tunic is made of a soft fleece and is two toned in red and green. The sleeves of the tunic are the color of the opposite side and have pointed ends. The edges of the tunic are trimmed with gold thread. A two toned collar is also included with the costume and fastens around the neck with Velcro. The pointed collar has jingle bells sewn onto the points and the gold thread trim around the edges. A thin gold cord belt ties around the waist of the costume. A pointed elf hat is included with the costume. The hat is made of the same red and green fleece and has small jingle bells sewn onto the crown like edge of the hat. The hat’s point curves over and has a bigger bell on the tip. A pair of pointy elf shoes are also included with the Elf Costume set. The shoes have a faux leather sole and are made of the two toned red and green fleece. The curved point toe of the shoes have green pom-poms on the ends. The shoes also have bells sewn onto them to add that extra holiday jingle.

All you need to add to this costume is a pair of red or green tights to make it great! The Elf Costume is perfect for people looking to add some fun to their holiday party or for those helping out at a Santa’s village. 

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