Traditional Bavarian Deluxe | Oktoberfest | Womens Costumes

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The Deluxe Traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest Costume includes:

  • Dirndl
  • White Top

This stunning outfit will allow you to pay homage to hundreds of years of tradition, turning you into a Bavarian beauty ready to celebrate and steal hearts. The Dirndl included in this costume is intricately detailed and beautiful, made in a dark blue material - gold trim touches with embroidered light-blue ribbon and emblems. On the sleeves just above the central band there are two gold ‘buckles; adding to the elegance to this ensemble. To wear underneath the Dirndl is a short sleeved white ruffle top with a small string tie neckline. Around each small puffed out sleeve there is elastic bands to amplify the ruffle effect. Wear the Deluxe Traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest Costume to this years Oktoberfest celebrations, this years Halloween, onstage for theatrical performances, and more!