Deluxe Plush 2 Man Horse Costume

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One size (fits up to adult chest 42)

Two man horse costume includes:

  • Horse head with see-through eye mesh
  • Horse front with attached blanket
  • Horse back with attached tail

Get to know your friend REALLY well in this hilarious two man horse costume.

How does this get-up work? I’ll tell you. You put your friend in the back, he slips on the back horse legs and there’s full body coverage and it sits on your body like overalls with an attached tail. The front person gets other half of the horse costume, but a blanket on the back and a hole for the other person to slip into. There’s Velcro for adjusting. The first person has arm holes to help hold the blanket attached to the back. Finally there’s a horse head you slip on with see-through mesh.

Pick this costume up for a two man Halloween costume, Mexican themed parties, costume contests and just having fun and…horsing around! Betcha didn’t see that coming.

**Blanket is actually hues of pinks, oranges and browns, not all colours as shown**