1920s Flapper Costume Dress Queen Size | Del Mar Black | Womens Costumes

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The Adult Del Mar Shimmery Sequin Flapper Dress includes:

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Believe you can do anything in life, even the seemingly impossible; a flapper dress like this is surely the start of great things, as you treat yourself to life in the amazing Jazz Age, filled with wine, poetry and song … there’s never been a time like the 1920s.

Truly a glimmering, transcendent garment of the highest class, this dress is encrusted from top to bottom with black sequins. The bottom hem is then draped with two layers of fringe. A gorgeous mesh of black fabric then covers the upper bodice to the neckline, adorned with crisscrossed tiny sequins. The dress zips in the back. The mix of black and shimmering sequins is sure to create a sensation.