Dark Wizard Fantasy Costume

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The Mens' Dark Wizard Costume includes:

  • Robe
  • Belt
  • Buckle
  • Cloak with hood

Carry forth the soul-wrenching powers of darkness as you ascend to the heights of magical glory in this scornful cloak and robe. Nothing is more terrifying than a wizard able to blast others from the face of the earth, call down lighting, transmogrify victims into horrendous cretinous monsters or bring death by a simple look. You'll be able to do it all!

The ankle-length robe of draping material includes long draping sleeves, perfect to conceal the physical movements of your fingers as you cast spells. Overtop, the severity of the cloak's glossy design, with leather-like bands featuring a raised studded surface, lends majesty to the shoulders and body. An attached hood fits augustly over the Wizard's head. A wide, heavy belt, with dragon's head belt-buckle, completes the ensemble.

Whether you're interested in exploring the dark arts, or running your next D&D campaign, you'll be ready to conjure demons and destroy forests to raise an army of orcs, if that's your agenda. You'll also be ready for the coming costume season, or for any cosplay or game con event in the coming future.