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Gear up and add some explosive fun to your water warfare with our Combat Hero Plastic Grenade, the ultimate water-squirting toy that'll have you "launching" into aquatic battles with a splash of excitement and style! This grenade is so realistic in design, it's like you're in the middle of a high-stakes water fight, ensuring you're the hero of every watery showdown. Whether you're preparing for a backyard water war, a poolside skirmish, or just looking to add a touch of "soggy style" to your outdoor adventures, our Combat Hero Plastic Grenade is the key to making your aquatic battles as thrilling and epic as a summer blockbuster. So, don't just "splash" around for fun; "explode" into the action with this water-squirting toy and become the watery warrior of the day, because when it comes to water toys, we're here to make you the "sopping sensation" of the season!

This water squirt toy is shaped fills up on the side and you push the lever to squirt water out the front.