Co-Beer Maiden Ride-on Costume

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The Co-Beer Maiden Ride-On Costume includes:

  • Pull on Pants Costume

Prepare for Oktoberfest and turn your passion for culture and festivities with the Co-Beer Maiden Ride-On Costume! This hilarious outfit makes it appear as though you are riding on the shoulders of a lady dressed in classic Oktoberfest gear.

This outfit starts with two fake sewn and stuffed legs which fit over the maidens shoulders. These legs are made in a jean like material, and also have shoe sections in a black material. The beer maiden has blonde hair in braids, and is wearing a dress with a black corset bodice and a green skirt. This outfit works by the individual placing their legs into the costume and through the body of the maiden.

The Co-Beer maiden Ride-On Costume is perfect to wear out to Oktoberfest or cultural themed events and parties! Pair this ensemble with other festive accessories, including a hat, to truly get into the spirit! For a bigger grand entrance place a few of your friends in our other Ride-A-Long outfits to make a humorous group costume!