Renaissance Queen Medieval Costume

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The Renaissance Queen Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Headpiece

When being a princess simply isn’t enough, get ready to be crowned the Queen of your Domain in this luxurious, elegant garment positively dripping with royalty. You’ll be ready to start your own Game of Thrones once you’ve begun to give orders with your recently polished British accent.

The Renaissance Queen dress, or kirtle, features a velvety floor-length gown in glossy, robin’s egg blue color, made of yielding stretch fabric for comfort. The neckline forms a demure V above the bust, concealed with Burgundian lacework above a silky vertical dart of patterned crimson, that descends from the neckline through the whole length of the dress to the bottom hem, giving the illusion of a multiple-layered garment. Brightly sophisticated gold braiding enhances the dress throughout, highlighting the neckline, the waist and the division between the blue-and-red of the dress’s design.

Whether for a Summertime Renaissance Fair or a Winter Halloween party, you’ll look stunning as you sweep between your adoring people, blessing or knighting whomever you wish. You’ll even be ready for the next Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience as they begin their North American Tour Schedule this September.