Mad Hatter Safari Hat Alice Through the Looking Glass

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What do you do when you're as mad as a hatter?.. Go on safari, of course! Officially licensed by Disney, this Mad Hatter safari hat is inspired by the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Modelled after the film, this safari-style hat features an olive green pom-pom on the top of the crown. Primarily green and fuschia plaid, the brim of the hat is brown. It has a wide red ribbon, or sash, around the crown of the hat that has little yellow squares in horizontal lines. Lines of black with a criss-crossing purple thread start at the outer edges of the hat and move inward towards the top of the crown and pom-pom. The Mad Hatter Safari Hat is comfortable and includes a hidden Velcro strap to help adjust.

Head out and bushwack in true Mad Hatter style in the safari hat from Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass.