Children's Zombie Dawn Costume

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Zombie Girl costume includes:

  • Top
  • Sheer jacket
  • Jeggings
  • Hair ribbon

Feeling a little down in the dumps, craving a little bit of human? This Zombie Dawn girls costume is the perfect way to get it all out.

The top of this Zombie costume is printed on, its made to look like a button vest. It looks like a torn jean jacket vest with lots of blood and looks torn. The jeggings are a legging that looks like jeans with more blood and awesome details. The jacket is a sheer plain tulle. The headband is also made of the black tulle. 

All you need to do to complete this awesome costume is add a little blood and detailing! You can't forget that for a zombie costume! Great for Halloween, easy to wear to a Zombie walk, plays or wherever you need to eat a little blood!