Blue Orc Jaw Dropper Adult Morphsuit Costume

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**Due to the intimate nature of the costume, this item can not be returned.**

Blue Orc Jaw Dropper Adult Morphsuit costume includes:

  • Full stretch jumpsuit

If you are ready to take your favorite Dungeons and Dragon character out of your imagination and parent’s basement, you need to order this Blue Orc Jaw Dropper adult morphsuit costume to help unleash your favorite inner Dungeon and Dragon character this season.

The Blue Orc is sublimated to look like a blue orc with foam teeth and ears that stick out. The top part of the mouth is on the hood and the bottom jaw extends onto the chest. This full bodysuit is see through, breathe through and drink through. It features a full back two way zipper so you can take your mask off to eat. Morphsuits are made with a stretchy spandex material and fit most people, size is based on height. They are also machine washable so you can wear it over and over again!

Beyond wowing the guests at every Halloween party you come across, this wickedly realistic full bodysuit is great for conventions, LARPing, gatherings, or just continuing to the next level of Dungeons and Dragons after the holiday festivities are over.