Classic Roman Toga Dress Costume

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  • Women's Classic Roman Toga
  • Classic Roman Toga Dress Costume


Classic Toga costume includes:

  • tunic with attached drape
  • roman belt

The Women's Classic Roman Toga is a fun choice for Halloween, Roman themed parties and historical and educational events.  

This Roman Toga costume is a cream coloured dress the has a scoop neck front. On the right shoulder it has a little black and gold ribbon. On the left shoulder is two long pieces of fabric that drapes each way over the shoulder  and have a gold ribbon on each. Accentuating the waist is a gold and black ribbon. The costume fits most women and heavy enough to provide comfortable coverage, the Classic Roman Toga is easy to dress up with strappy sandals and silver or gold accessories for a fun and historical look. 

 The Women's Classic Roman Toga is a fun costume and fits well, even for long, late night parties, the freedom of movement to allow for dancing, running, and performing in events.  This is an affordable option for historical reenactment events or special learning events at museums or university. Look for mens classic toga for a matching couples costume! 

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