Classic Blue Enchanting Princess Cinderella Costume

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The Classic Blue Enchanting Princess costume includes:

  • Ball gown
  • Peplum
  • Hoop petticoat
  • 2 Gloves
  • Choker
  • Tiara


Looking to admit that you’re really a Princess after all?  You’ll want to dress like this!  Authentic and intricate, this dress is excellently made and stunning to see.  More darling than the pictures show, this is your real chance at feeling like the most beautiful girl in the Kingdom, whatever Princess you imagine yourself being.

This full-length satin and brocade gown is designed to fall right to the floor, like a real princess gown.  The light blue brocade, flowered and reminiscent of late 19th century design, features embroidery and glitter highlights.  The bodice is rimmed with gold braid.  The peplum, or waist frill, matches the bodice pattern, as do the sleeves – the latter fixed with hanging crystal beads.  The satiny dress is smooth to the touch.  Beneath the dress is a hoop petticoat that requires some assembly, so that the dress will flare out in traditional style.

Soft white over-the-elbow gloves add dignity and style, as does the black ribbon choker with a pearl bead and single teardrop crystal.  The extravagant tiara provides an intricate pattern to delightfully crown any would-be Princess.

The costume is sure to be an exciting addition to any costume party, themed wedding or masquerade ball.  We do caution that the dress fits a little small, yet you’ll be so happy with it once you find your size.  You’ll be sure to find plenty of opportunities to wear it again and again.