Classic Bearded Lady Dude Costume

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The Classic Bearded Lady Costume includes:

  • Dress

  • Corset

  • Headband

  • Beard

Ladies and gentleman, this Halloween don't just feast your eyes on the mysterious acts, instead why not become one? In the Classic Bearded Lady Costume you will embody confidence and gain a unique trait that will help you stand out on stage. This costume comes with a fabulous red dress with tasteful touches of black and white stripes throughout the piece. A black corset section creates a tasteful silhouette, while the rose headband adds a touch of femininity. A fake beard is included and can be placed over the head using an elastic for a comfortable fit. The Classic Bearded Lady costume is perfect for any dress-up events, Halloween parties, or for theatrical performances. It’s all up to you! Take to the stage and hear the gasps of awe for yourself!