Children's Wilma Flintstone Costume

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Wilma Flintstone costume includes:

  • White dress
  • Polyfoam wig headpiece
  • Big bead necklace

You can take Wilma out of Bedrock but you can't take Bedrock out of Wilma. This costume will be perfect for any Halloween or fancy dress party! Wilma Flintstone is one of the most famous and best loved characters not just from 'The Flintstones', but of all time!

This is a three-piece costume with a dress, headpiece, and necklace. The dress is made of soft fleece and tan-coloured fabric. The tan-coloured fabric covers the sleeves and part of the top of the dress. The fleece looks like a single strap dress. The waist is elasticized and the bottom of the dress is cut to look torn. The headpiece is Poly-foam designed to look like Wilma’s hair. It wraps around the head and there is elastic that wraps around the back of the head to keep it on. The necklace is a string of large plastic balls meant to look like Wilma’s rock necklace. This costume is perfect for Halloween or a themed group costume.