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The Royal Pink Fairy Tale Princess Costume includes:

  • Dress

Tip-toe through magical forests and take flight through the use of magic with the Royal Pink Fairy Tale Princess Costume!

This beautiful one piece costume set consists of a single, fabulously pink, dress which will truly transform your child into royalty. A set of small capped sleeves, connects to a simple bodice with symmetrical silver sequined lines. At the elastic waist line where the skirt begins there is a flower-like tulle embellishment with a clear faux jewel attached on top. There are added layers of tulle, with silver sequin trim, which creates a tiered design over the dresses skirt, adding body to the gown.

Get the Royal Pink Fairy Tale Princess Costume for your sweet youngster and watch them embody a whimsical persona, perfect for amazing friends and family during their grand entrance!

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