Children's Ringmaster Circus Costume

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  • Kids Ringmaster Circle Costume
  • Children's Ringmaster Circus Costume


The kids Ringmaster costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Vest
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • Button chain Accessory
  • Scepter

Beautifully constructed, this circus ready kids Ringmaster costume has several pieces and accessories to have your youngster ready for the show! These pieces include a beautiful jacket, vest, pants, and even a hat!

The jacket is made in a gorgeous burgundy material with added black and gold embellishments throughout the garment. A flip over collar has a black base with gold trimming, of which matches the style of the wrist cuffs. At the waist a stylized button chain in gold embroidery and metal gives the piece a vintage feel. Underneath the jacket an included vest sits, of which has a v-neck and small tails at the bottom. This vest has two layers, the back one being black with gold trim around the hem, and the top layer being a black and white diamond pattern.

The pants are made of a semi-silky black material with a single gold stripe going down the side of each pant leg. These pants have a built in elastic waist band to allow for a comfortable and secure fit on most sizes. The included hat is solidly built, and is made in a top-hat style which has been miniaturized and given attached clips to secure it in the hair. A single red ribbon around the hat adds a pop of color. Lastly, a black sceptre with a foam ball on the end works as a prop. This foam end has been painted black and has glitter over top giving it a slight sparkle.

This high quality kids Ringmaster costume is perfect for the little circus fanatic in your life! Wear this ensemble out to festive Halloween events or parties, take on stage for theatrical performances, or keep in a tickle trunk for hours of imagination and fun!

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