Children's Ride-a Chicken Costume

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The Childrens' Ride-a-Chicken Costume includes:

  • Soft Sculpted Chicken Jumpsuit with attached Rider Legs

Hold your chickens! Children will be ready to get up on his high horse in this creative and unexpected one-piece costume that creates the illusion of riding on the back of a chicken.

Soft and pliable to the touch, with faux chicken feathers and appropriate features – rooster tail, comb, beak and wattles – the Childrens' Ride-a- Chicken Costume goes on like a pair of pants, with the chicken's legs and feet forming a snug, elastic-fitted boot. Two feathery straps fit over the child's shoulders to make the costume secure. All that's needed is a shirt and farmer's hat (not included) to complete the look.

Not only a great trick-or-treat option, this costume offers a lot of fun for any children's event or party, or just for dress up from your child's tickle trunk. Once your child has tried on this item, you won't be able to keep it cooped up.