Children's Mirror-Faced Ghoul

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Kids Haunted Mirror Ghoul costume includes:

  • Robe
  • Hooded Mirror Mask
  • Gloves
  • Belt

Adorn yourself with this mirrored-face costume and watch the fear in others eyes as they fear for their very souls. This terrifying spectre is an ideal image for horror lovers who wish to embrace the scary depths of a classic Halloween fright-night.

Featuring a long, black flowing robe with separate hood piece, the costume's best feature is the mirror-for- a-face that is presented to any onlooker. This mirror can be seen through easily by the wearer of the costume, but for any onlooker it presents a creepy reflective surface that defies scrutiny. Made of comfortable material, the Haunted Mirror Ghoul includes gloves that match the robe and hood, to present an overall feeling of darkness that allows for concealment in a dark place. A soft-cloth belt adds to the robe.

As well as an eerie costume for Halloween, the Mirror Ghoul offers many opportunities for cosplay at game cons or for role-playing games, or even a perfect dramatic costume for school plays or late-night campfire stories.