Children's High Seas Pirate Captain Costume

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  • Girls High Seas Captain Pirate Costume
  • Children's High Seas Pirate Captain Costume


The Girls' High Seas Captain Pirate Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Hat
  • Head Tie
  • Waist Sash
  • Belt
  • Parrot

Take hold of your weapons as you set sail upon the bounding main in search of ships to plunder in this glittering ensemble, good for keeping your buckler good and swashed. Not even the most grizzled sea dog, nor lackless landlubber, dare stand before you when you give orders. Otherwise, you'll make them walk the plank.

Overtop a black-and-white sleeveless undershirt made of light fabric fits the black topcoat, made of similar cloth but rich black in color. The topcoat is highlighted with bright gold braid, proof of the plunder of many a wealthy vessel. A flexible grey-black weathered-looking hat fits well over the head, further trimmed with gold piping. The waist sash and matching head tie are made of faux felt, burgandy in colour and bespeaking of opulence. A weathered belt with scored brass-colored buckle fixes in the back with velcro, to give a fully authetic look and a place to tuck your weapons. As a final perfect touch, a velcro-affixed parrot is designed to perch on your shoulder; this item is wonderfully molded with its own pirate hat and skull-and-crossbones motif.

While a Halloween costume of the first order, you won't want to wear this just one night of the year! Have a pirate themed birthday party, or wear this for cosplay ... it's a great item the year round.

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