Dalmatian Doggy Children's Dotted Costume

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The Kid's Dotted Doggy Costume includes:

  • Hooded Dress

What's cuter than a puppy? Why, a young darling in a pet costume, looking absolutely adorable. Transform your child into your adored house pet with this sensational outfit, complete with fetching dalmation spots throughout.

Made of soft velvety fabric, the Kid's Dotted Doggy Costume features a cheerful puppy hood, with floppy ears, red bow and panting tongue. Zipping up the front, the dress includes long sleeves and is decorated with red plush around the cuffs and along the hem. A pert tail is of course included. Matching leg warmers with the same dalmation spots and red plush fringe completes the costume.

Wonderfully suitable for any child's dress-up tickle trunk, this outfit is fun for play in all seasons. You might have a time getting them out of it! Naturally, it makes a good choice for this upcoming Halloween season as well.