Catwoman Cat Eye Goggles

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Do you have a pristine pedigree, but the soul of an alley cat? Do you sleep all day to go on the prowl at night? Are you good at getting into places you don't belong? Then these Cat Eye Goggles are just what you need to execute the purrrfect heist.

These cat burglar goggles have a cat eye shape to the lenses, featuring an exaggerated upsweep with curved peaks on the edges, resembling cat ears. The frames have an oversized style, which apart from looking purrrfectly divine, has the added advantage of disguising your appearance. On the inside, the goggles are lined with black foam, providing a level of comfort befitting a cat. The frames are black with a glossy finish, while the lenses have a dark mirrored tint available in two styles: silver and rainbow. An adjustable black elastic strap secures the goggles to your head, ensuring they aren’t lost while dashing over the rooftop of some foreign embassy.

These Cat Eye Goggles are the perfect accessory for a cat burglar costume, a unique twist on the classic Catwoman look, or a bold expression of your eternal love for our furry little friends. Great for fans of Anime and Cosplay.