Cat in the Hat Deluxe Childrens Costume

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Tell us the truth, if you left your child alone on a rainy day, would they sit and stare out the window, counting raindrops? Or would they get into mischief of all kinds? You may not want to find out, but the Cat in the Hat sure does! He can't help it, it's in his nature. And since he has a magical way to turn your house right side up a the end of the day, there's really no harm in letting them all have a little fun, is there?

If you have a little mischief-maker in your midst, then this Kid's Cat in the Hat Costume is the way to go this Halloween! It's a timeless, classic character that comes to life with your child's dazzling personality, wit, and energy. It's a perfect addition to a group costume—just add Thing 1 & Thing 2, and the fish—for the Halloween parade or a read-a-thon party at school. If your child wants to take the time to rhyme everything they say while in this costume, all the better! We always love a Halloween reveler who is committed to full transformation!

Product Details
This storybook-inspired costume is a black jumpsuit with a long cat tail. A furry chest piece in white is topped with the cat's signature big red bow, and the red and white striped, oversized top hat is also part of the Cat's iconic look. Little gloves complete the transformation!

Just make sure whatever mischief your kiddo likes to get into, that they fully understand that we don't, in reality, have one of those cool mess-picker-upper cars that the real Cat in the Hat has. They will be responsible for picking up candy wrappers, silly string, confetti, and whatever other Halloween mischief they make