Canadian RCMP Mountie Costume

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One size: Standard (up to chest 42")

*The waist only stretches to about 34" not suitable for larger waist sizes. Also note that the hat sometimes comes misshapen from the manufacturer, usually fixable with a hair blow dryer on low heat setting*

Canadian Mountie includes:

  • Mountie Trooper Hat
  • Red Mountie Serge Jacket
  • Uniform Belt with shoulder strap and pouch
  • Pants

Don the traditional Red Serge and become a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a night. Kick the Canada Day party up a notch eh! 

This Mountie costume is a red Serge Jacket with brass-looking buttons and pocket details on the front. A Sergeant ranking stripes are sewn onto the left arm sleeve. There's a brown felt belt with a shoulder strap and a pouch with Velcro closure. The pants are a deep navy blue with a yellow stripe down the side. The waist is an elastic that relaxed is 28" and only stretches to about 34". A formed felt hat with a black satin hat band complete the Royal Canadian Mounted Police look. Add some white gloves (not included) for a finishing touch.

This costume is great for Canadian themed events, being Dudly Do-Right, a Mountie for Halloween and much more!