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Hop into fun with our Bunny Accessory Kit, the ultimate costume accessory kit that'll have you "bunny-hopping" with delight! This kit is so hare-raisingly adorable, it's like an instant transformation into the cutest critter in town, ensuring you're the star of any costume gathering. Whether you're getting ready for an Easter event, embracing your inner bunny, or just adding a touch of "hare-raising" flair to your ensemble, our Bunny Accessory Kit is the key to making your costume as sweet as a carrot and as charming as a floppy-eared friend. So, don't just "hop" from one idea to another; "hop to it" with this Bunny Accessory Kit.

This costume kit includes:

  • Bunny Ears Headband
  • Bow Tie
  • Bunny Tail
  • Arm Cuffs
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