Blue Long Nylon Gloves | 1920s | Gloves

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Dive into elegance with our Blue Long Nylon Gloves, the ultimate costume accessory that's the key to unlocking a touch of sophistication and a wave of whimsy for any ensemble! These gloves are not just accessories; they're a silky sensation, stretching to the ends of your fingertips. Crafted with nylon finesse and a touch of finger-flattering charm, our Blue Long Nylon Gloves ensure you'll be the star of any costume party, masquerade ball, or gala affair. So, slip into the sea of style, embrace the azure allure, and watch as you become the glove-trotting sensation of the event – because when it comes to costume accessories, our Blue Long Nylon Gloves are the must-have detail for those ready to make a splash and leave a lasting impression with a touch of blue brilliance!

Great gloves to add to your Cinderella costume!

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