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By purchasing these lenses, you are acknowledge the following.

Like other contact lenses, cosmetic contacts can cause a variety of eye injuries and conditions if not used correctly, and are intended to be worn only with the assistance of a qualified eye care professional and professional eye care supervision.

Some of the risks include:

  • Infection
  • Redness
  • Corneal ulcer

These risks can controlled if:

  • The wearer obtains contact lens wearing advice from an eye care professional.
  • The lenses are evaluated by an eye care professional.
  • The wearer remains under appropriate professional supervision

To summarize, cosmetic contact lenses are like other contact lenses, but are intended solely to change the normal appearance of the eye in a decorative/cosmetic fashion, however, still hold the same risk values as regular contact lenses.

Please note: We cannot ship cosmetic contact lenses outside of Canada.

ACID III Halloween contact lenses feature an opaque black iris with a blue pastel ring at the outer rim. Mini-Sclera size adds extra eye coverage, making the effect extra trippy. This is our new Primal® Mini-Sclera ACID III contacts lenses in a bright blue colour. Let the pastel colours permeate your iris. Pretty trippy aren't they?

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